18+ Stories: The Libary – An Erotic Short Story 4

The Libary – An Erotic Short Story 4
“God yes,” he said, still pressing himself against me. He touched my breasts through my top, rubbing his fingers over my nipples. They responded instantly, stiffening and poking into my bra, and I wanted to feel his hands on them, his mouth sucking then, his teeth nibbling them. I’d never felt so wanton, so much lust and desire.
I could see a chair over to our right, in the corner of the aisle. It was a simple armless one, with a plain blue seat and back covering, like the rest of the chairs I’d seen elsewhere in the library.

“Why don’t you sit down and I’ll help you out with this?” I said, motioning Mark towards the chair and squeezing him through his trousers.

He grinned and walked to the chair, positioning it so he would have his back to the main aisle and the walkway. As he sat down I knelt down in front of him, with my back to the window. Nothing overlooked the library so no one would see us though it.

I kissed him, kneeling between his legs as my hands undid his trousers, first the clasp at the top and then the zip. I could hear his breathing growing deeper and more rapid, and knew he was as excited as I was. I put my hand inside his pants and released him. He was hard and rigid, and I bent down, licking the tip which glistened with my saliva as I covered it with my tongue.

“That’s good,” he said. “Take it all in.”

I lowered my mouth and Mark brushed back my hair so he could watch me devour him. I took in as much as I could but there were still a few inches of him I couldn’t accommodate.

“Suck me,” he said. “As hard as you like.”

I started to move my mouth up and down, sucking hard so my lips formed a tight seal around his shaft. I made sure I used my lips and tongue to full effect on the sensitive tip, slowing right down each time I almost let him out of my mouth only to envelope him again. He put a hand in my hair, helping to guide my head up and down on him, applying a little pressure to tell me when to speed up.

He tasted so good, and I really wanted to feel him come in my mouth, to feel him running over my tongue. But I also wanted to feel him deep inside me. My clit was dying for some attention, so I reached down between my legs as I sucked him, putting my hand up under my skirt and inside my knickers. I was so wet I sank two of my fingers into myself, thrusting them in and out as fast as I could. My eyes were closed, imagining him inside me, filling and stretching me as we made passionate love on the chair. I wrapped my other hand around his shaft, moving it up and down. He sat right back, stretching his legs out and pushing his hips forward, which made him more accessible. I should have pulled down his trousers, but it was probably better leaving them like they were in case we were disturbed and he had to cover himself up in a hurry.

“Stand up,” he said, pulling me onto my feet and closer to him. He remained seated, and as I took my hand out of my knickers he moved it to his mouth, sucking my fingers and tasting me. His other hand moved up my legs and he took hold of my knickers, pulling them down until they were at my ankles. Stepping out of them I straddled his legs, lowering myself onto him. He slid into me with ease, filling me completely. He felt so good inside me, and our mouths locked together as I jerked up and down on him.
I kept my eyes open so I could see up the aisle in case anyone came, but the only person coming at that precise moment was me. The sheer thrill of having sex with a handsome stranger in public was too much for me, and my brain exploded like a thousand fireworks as I came hard and fast. It was one of the best orgasms I’d ever had, incredibly intense and long. I wanted to scream out loud, but Mark put his hand over my mouth to stop me. I moaned into his hand, sounding like a hostage with tape over my mouth, savouring the intensity of my orgasm and almost biting his fingers.

I carried on riding him, through my orgasm and out the other side. He placed his hands on my bottom, caressing my cheeks as I bounced up and down on him. I held onto the chair, grinding myself down onto him until he started to moan. I knew he was going to come and I kept up the rhythm, willing him to explode inside me. When he did, he buried his face into my neck to mask his own sounds of delight. He jerked his hips as he came inside me, and I could feel him pulsating as he filled me with his hot, sticky semen.

We kissed and then cleaned ourselves up, parting as quickly as we’d met. It felt strange having just been so intimate with a perfect stranger to be going our separate ways; part of me wondered if I should at least try to see Mark again, but the sheer excitement of doing nothing about it was exhilarating. It was completely terrible behaviour, but somehow that made it all the more enjoyable. As Mark walked away, I watched him and laughed at the sheer audacity we’d had of having sex in a public library.

I left the library myself soon after on a total high. I still felt incredibly turned on, and wondered if anyone knew what I’d been up to only moments before. My cheeks were burning, and I held my hand against them to try and cool them down, all the while knowing I’d be back soon to look for more leading men.
So, that’s my story. That’s why I now shop for men at the library. After Mark, I worked my way through Sebastian, Charles, two Tom’s and a Nick. All were smartly dressed, well groomed, well read, and all highly sexed. Whether there’s a connection between men who read and who are amazing to fuck, I don’t know. I think I need to carry out more research on that front, but early indications are proving positive.

What I do know is the library has been a revelation, a real eye opener as well as a leg opener.

Mum is pleased I seem to have embraced the library at last, though I haven’t told her the real reason I go there. We spoke about it last night, as a matter of fact.

“Did you pick up anything exciting at the library?” she said, during our weekly catch up on the phone.

“There was something that held my attention for a bit,” I said, biting my lip in the hope she wouldn’t ask for a title.

“Was it a paperback?” she asked, innocently.

“No,” I replied. “It was definitely hard.”


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