OAU NEWS: See The Resolutions Made By The Congress Of “GREATIFE STUDENTS’ UNION” On Ways Towards releasing The Arrested Students

Great Ife



The congress started at around 5:20pm and it started with gyration, which was well attended by mass of students. After students already gathered, the congress started immediately as it was declared open after students rose up to chant the revolutionary Great Ife anthem. The congress nominated Dunnex Samuel to be the moderator of the congress. The agenda of the congress goes thus;

📌 State of the Union
📌 Finance
After the moderator gave an overview of the current state of the union as relating to the detained OAU5 and the suspension of OAU3, The following resolutions were reached;

📌 That there should be a committee to coordinate the actions of students and a timetable should be drawn to guide students’ action as the #OCCUPYGREATIFE starts tomorrow.

📌 That ALL STUDENTS should converge at the Students’ Union Building tomorrow, Monday March 26, 2018 to embark on mass awareness and leafleting on campus in order for students, workers and the Nigerian Society to be aware of happenings on campus.

📌 That NIGERIANS STUDENTS should move alongside with the lawyer, on Tuesday, to file the variation of bail while we embark on demonstrations at the court. If the bail case fails, we move en masse to media houses in osogbo

📌 There should be a mass action on Wednesday, 28th of March 2018 at Oshogbo and a press conference should hold afterwards

📌 There should be an official release stating what transpired at Moremi and the present state of things.

📌 That the leaflets should contain pictures of destroyed properties and the violent assault of students

📌 That students should utilize media well, to sensitize Nigerians about the situation of things on campus, and that students should continue to share Pictures and Videos on Social media.

📌 The Action Committee should on Monday, write to the Faculty of Technology and Faculty of Education to halt SWEP, SIWES & TP pending the release of the incarcerated students

📌 That there should be a press conference on Wednesday to state the demands of students and address issues relating to reversal of the accommodation policy, non-issuance of I.D card for the previous session amidst others.

📌 That there should be a uniformity of hashtags for the media campaign, such as; #freeOAU8, #OCCUPYGREATIFE, #ogunbodedemustgo #buildmorehostelsoncampus.

After so much deliberations, it was resolved that there should be 3 committees, with at least three members each. The following committees were constituted, and members were nominated which are;

Mobilization Committee: Ghandi, Yuslaw and IBK

Media committee: Koye, HON.IBK, Ajose

Finance committee: Aminat, Lenin, Bundu

As the congress was ongoing students from University of Lagos (UNILAG) and Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED) joined, and of course solidarized with mass of students.
Finance was raised and *2,240 naira* was gathered, it was resolved that the money should be used to print leaflets that will be shared tomorrow. The congress closed by 7:30pm with the GREATIFE anthem.

Signed: Action Committee

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