UI NEWS: Clarification On The Increase In 2017/2018 Hostel Accomodation Fee

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The University’s VC,Idowu Olayinka Has finally spoken on the issue of Rise in Hotel accomodation fees.
Below are his words from a chat with him Via Whatssapp.


I have continued to receive inquiries, especially through WhatsApp messages from new and returning undergraduate students of the University of Ibadan on the Academic Calendar and the Schedule of Fees for the 2017/2018 Session.
These issues were discussed extensively by the University Senate at the meeting held on 19th and 20th March, 2018 and decisions reached.

The Academic Calendar can now be accessed Here

Moreover, the Schedule of Fees will be posted on the portal shortly.
The University is at a point where it is difficult to continue to subside the running of the Halls of Residence and carry out some academic functions without a slight adjustment in accommodation charges and in some fee items payable by students in some faculties.

In adjusting the fees, members of the public are to note that it is only the increase in accommodation fees that cuts across students who desire to stay in the Halls of Residence. It should also be noted that residency in the Halls of Residence is optional, and indeed, only about 30% of our students can find accommodation in the Halls of Residence. It is also important to note that the Federal Government, many years back, had stopped providing funds for the running of the Halls. As a result, the University spends about 100 Million Naira over what is collected as accommodation fees, for the running of the Halls. The University is no longer in a position to continue to provide this subsidy.

The University has also been very objective in adjusting some other fee items. For instance, fees were only adjusted for students in the Faculties of Arts, Agriculture, Renewable Natural Resources, and Pharmacy. Even in these faculties, the fees are limited to categories of students requiring the academic service for which an increase has been approved.
Let us give two examples. For instance, only 400 level students in the Faculties of Agriculture, and Renewable Natural Resources are to pay additional 2,500 Naira for the entre session. These are students in their practical year. All other students in these two Faculties are not to pay these fees. In the Faculty of Arts also, only 200 and 300 level students in six departments are to pay the Studio Maintenance fees.

Students in Departments without studios are exempted from this fee.
The import of this is that fees payable by students in the Faculties of the Social Sciences, Law, Education, Science, and Technology have not been adjusted for the coming session.
Students in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine who are to handle animals would be required to obtain Immunization card in order to ensure safety.
Have a restful Easter holiday period.

Idowu Olayinka
Saturday, 31 March 2018

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