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Exclusive Interview With The 68th Sigma Chief Of University at lbadan, Valentine Igbonekwu

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Interview with sigma club chief

SIGMA Club is the oldest indigenous club in Nigeria and today, the oldest surviving university student organization in South of Sahara Africa has throughout her existence sought to elevate the intellectual social and community life of the University of Ibadan through several outstanding programmes.

Below is a detailed interview between a member of the crew and the Sigma Chief.

​Can  We Meet  You?

I am Valentine Igbonekwu, a 500 level student of the Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan. By Divine providence, I am the 68th SIGMA CHIEF of the Sigma Club, University of Ibadan. I stand FOR ALL THAT IS PURE.

What  Is Sigma Club  All About?

Sigma Club, University of Ibadan is a social and philanthropic student organization founded in 1950 by male undergraduates of the University of Ibadan. By implication, we are the oldest surviving students’  organization  in the Sub-sahara Africa. The Club breeds group of gentlemen and places high premium on good character, discipline and integrity.

Our stock in trade is social activities coupled with philanthropy with a view to create a balanced society.

We build whole men through series of assignments, trainings, committee meetings and personal development training/capacity building programmes.

There is a strong bond of brotherhood among us that makes us ‘brothers for life’ even beyond the shores of the university after graduation. This underscores the fact that Sigma club is a network of Brotherhood. We live beyond the tides of ethnicity, tribalism, favoritism and nepotism.

List Of  Events  By Sigma Club?

Sigma events include but not limited to: 

Sigma Scholarship Scheme

Sigma Tertiary Essay Competition

Sigma Guest  Luncheon

Sigma Public Lecture

Sigma Charity/contributions to the society 

Sigma Admission Interview

Sigma Members’ Nite

Havana Musical Carnival

Honorary Sigmites’ Reunion 

Sigma Cocktail Party

Sigma informal party 

Sigma School Challenge

What Does Sigma Club Do?

As I have earlier stated, Sigma Club’s main purpose is Social activities coupled with philanthropy in a bid to positively impact our immediate environment which is the University of Ibadan and the society at large. We breed whole gentlemen who are disinct in character, integrity and discipline and ministers of purity of deeds in accordance with our motto (For All That Is Pure) in all spheres of human endeavours.

Sigma Club has brought succour to many hearts and homes in despair and has turned around the lives of individuals who by default and way of human  and societal construct are not living at the peak of their potentials.

We organise social and philanthropic activities and in the process teach our members how to be independent and critcal thinkers.

Members learn to be innovative, creative, ingenious and problem solvers rather than problems to be solved.

According to the Late Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero,

“Sigma Club is a perfect example of what students can achieve through constructive efforts.”  

This is a clear validation from a revered monarch and religious leader to further underscore the grand uniqueness and excellence associated with our dear club.

We build ‘whole men’ which is evident in the great heights that have been attained by our old members and the feats being achieved by Loyal Sigmites who are still undergraduate students of University of Ibadan.

What  Are  The Benefits  a Student  Will  Gain  From Joining  Sigma Club?

The benefits are unlimited and measureless.

The biggest thing that would ever happen to you while on campus is to be admitted into the Sigma Roll of Honour. The popular aphorism that “One Loyal Sigmite equals ten ordinary uites” is a clear testament to the various creative and multifaceted skills that Sigma Club inculcates into her members.

Taking a cue from the  words of an Old Chief of the Club, Old Chief  Dr. Kazeem Adesola Adeduntan,FCA,MD/CEO,First Bank PLC,

 “All that made me from a student of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Ibadan to the pinnacle of my banking career are the ideals and skills I learnt in Sigma Club”.

Sigma Club offers an uncommon worldview that will set you up for greatness in life.

The Club will integrate you into the midst of brothers who are fraternally sworn to be each other’s keeper and friends for life.

You will be developed  in all ramifications through a series of assignments, meetings and skills development trainings

Sigma Club will improve your level  of discipline and time management skills through our holistic and character moulding teaching series.

You will become more charitable and contribute to the betterment of all and sundry especially to the less privileged.

What Is  Admission  Interview By Sigma Club?

The Sigma Admission Interview is an expedient and traditional event of Sigma club which offers opportunity for interested male undergraduates of University of Ibadan to be admitted into the Sigma Roll of Honour. This involves rigorous screening of applicants who are willing to be admitted into the highly revered and prestigious SIGMA ROLL OF HONOUR.

They are taken through a very rigorous set of tests and interviews in order to identify the SIGMA traits in them and confirm their worthiness  to be admitted into the Sigma Roll of Honour.

Successful applicants are therefore admitted into the prestigious Sigma Roll of Honor to be groomed to be true and bold in good character, discipline and integrity

Who Are The Ex Students That Have Passed  Through This Great  Sigma Club?

Members of the club who have graduated from University of Ibadan and have graduated from the club are known as Old Sigmites and they include but not limited to:

Dr. Mkgeorge Okon Onyung (CEO,  JEVKON Oil and Gas Limited), Chief Kudaya Frank (Principal Partner, Michael Stevens and Associates), Chief John Nnia Nwodo (President General of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo) Mr. Adetunji Lamidi (Vice President II and Head, Mass Market Banking FCMB) Senator Azuta Mbata, Chief John Edozien (Former Deputy Governor of Delta State), Dr. Faye Iketubosin (Medical Direct, St. George’s Hospital Lagos),

Emeritus Professor Biyi Afonja- Oldest living Sigma Chief, Dr. Sola Adeduntan (MD/CEO, First Bank PLC), Mr. Victor Etuokwu (Executive Director, Access Bank PLC), Dr.Olusegun Aganga (Former Nigerian Minister of Finance), Professor Tam David-West (Second Republic Minister of Petroleum Affairs), Sen.(Dr.) Jim Nwobodo (Second Republic Governor of Old Anambra State), Mr. Yemi  Ogunbiyi (Pro-Chancellor, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife), Rt. Hon. Dr. Chevalier Uduimo Itsueli (KSG, OON, Chairman, Dubril Oil and Gas Ltd). Dr. Gani Adeniran, Professor Tola Atimo.

For How many years Has It Been In Existence?

Sigma Club has been in existence  for 68 years.

What Year was sigma club founded?

Sigma Club was founded in 1950.

Who Founded It?

Sigma Club was founded by Six gentlemen and they include:

Christopher Okigbo 

Ignatius Atigbi 

Adebanjo Solaru 

Leslie Harriman 


Olojede Nelson

In Conclusion, what do you have to say to the male Undergraduate Students of University of Ibadan who want to join the club?

To the male undergraduates of University of Ibadan who have interest in joining Sigma Club, your decision is timely and your interest should be nurtured. Now is fresh, send in your application. You have much to be proud of.


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