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Omoyele Sowore

Our U&I: The Book Of Life

When the NASU member refused to give us light during the week days(Mon-Fri) in the daytime during their nationwide strike, I always chose to walk around some places on campus since there was always intense heat in the afternoon. Sometimes I always decided to sit at the junior common room in my hall of residence to have cool breeze.

A fateful sunny day I decided to walk around the campus, as I always did when there was heat. But before I went on my ‘undetermined’ journey, I needed to eat at a restaurant in the school. At the counter, while trying to pay, I overheard two guys discussed about some sets of students who already bagged “W.u”(Withdrawal from the university). I felt not concerned, my thought was that those students had been punished by the ‘Superior Masters’ in the school(Students Disciplinary Committee), SDC. I did not raise up my head from the food I was eating.

Ye! Aye mi-my life! Two out of these students are my friends, a lady screamed, while seated at Love Garden, a common spot on campus. Normal slang Uites use, (that I thought). Not quite long she received a call, then I tried to eavesdrop. Thank God her phone was on loudspeaker that very moment. In her conversation over the phone with the other person, she said, “seriously, idoju ti leleyi”(meaning, this is a real disgrace). I was taken aback at that statement. Then I became more serious so as to really know what she discussed with that her friend that made her said that. We both discussed at length. At the course of our discussion, she reluctantly showed me a picture that comprise names of students from Faculty of Pharmacy who have been asked to withdraw from the course or university. I was shocked at this. “Could this be a prank”?, I thought. Because ‘Book of Life’ has always been in portable document format(Pdf) and not as paper pasted in any notice board. I felt her pain after our discussion.

Moving to the greatest Katangites estate through the invincible ‘Aaro quarters,(the Zikites), the aura of ‘book of life’ being out filled the atmosphere in Zik hall of residence. ‘Iwo ti G.p ko bale flash MTN number, ma bo nibi, a be se’(meaning; you that have a very miserable G.p, come here let’s help you to upgrade it). This I thought was the craziest joke I ever heard on campus. This really took me aback. I shivered at the thought of book of life. The noise continued that very day and seemed not to stop at all. I couldn’t join reason that I never knew into which river I would fall. ‘River of tsunami or erosion or the lake of dropping C.G.P.A?’ The fear to see work of my hand grew drastically in my mind. Ahem! Book of life of U.I, not Book of life to make heaven. Can any student of U.I fear not to see his/her name in the book of life to make heaven as being feared seeing his/her C.G.P.A in the book of life of U.I? Even after writing well in examinations.

  19th March, 2018, mouths were sealed, eyes shed tears(bitter or sweet), hearts were filled with joy, football pitches on campus were scanty of U.I boys, there was rebirth of ‘aaro’ at Independence and Azikwe halls of residence, friendship bonds were broken(indirectly). This was the day half(if not all) number of students of university of Ibadan saw their results in the book of life. Uncommon classes of honour were seen in the list, such as ‘WFF(withdrawal from faculty), WU(withdrawal from university), WFC(withdrawal from course), PASSED, etc. 

It was quite historical and disgruntled 9.37% of the 3502 students matriculated for the 2016/2017 academic session were asked to withdraw from the university. With the Faculty of science having the highest number of withdrawal students(24.4%), followed by Faculty of Agriculture(16.5%), Faculty of Education(13.1%), Faculty of Technology(11.9%), Faculty of Medicine(9.5%), Faculty of Vet.Medicine(7.3%), Faculty of the Social science and Renewable Natlres, each taking 5.8%, Faculty of Arts(3.9%), Faculty of Pharmacy(1.5%) and the least percentage of number of withdrawal students came from Faculty of Law(0.3%).   

Our U&I: The Book Of Life

This total number of students are all from 100 level(2016/2017 set). What a headache? I asked myself, ‘have these students come to play in the university? After paying huge amount of money(for acceptance fee, accommodation, school levies and other miscellaneous).

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